All through December it was dry and warmish, for us northerners, at least. Though some were panting for snow, I would’ve been content with a temperate winter and an early spring.

Then January hit. I can’t really blame the whole month, though. It really started around the 21st. All of a sudden, we were covered in snow, and the temperature was a single digit. Basketball games and practices were canceled. Last week, school was closed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Wednesday was a freezing rain day. Then it snowed again, starting late Thursday. This week it’s only Tuesday, and schools were closed in advance until Thursday. Tomorrow threatens to be the coldest day yet. We anticipate car parts arriving for Curtis and Xavier to finish his car, just typical of how things have been going.

There’s nothing like mopey, snow bound children, let me tell you. But we have a full cookie jar today, so there’s that.

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