Kidney Talks

When my kidneys first started shutting down, we hoped it was a temporary situation. But eventually I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. Above all, I want God to heal me. Now we’re in talks to get me a kidney transplant. Curtis and I drove to Lansing at the crack of dawn one car day in February to an all morning seminar. I look good until you start talking about immuno-suppresants. The nephrologist, or kidney doctor on the transplant team warned that the drug I’d have to take every day after a transplant to keep my body from attacking my new kidney could lower my immunities and invite the cancer to return. I’ve had cancer and I’ve had kidney disease, and let me tell you, cancer is worse! It is, in fact, the cause of my kidney disease. So I was no longer interested in a transplant, after that information. But that’s not the end of the story. My oncologist is confident I could fight any return of the cancer, and preserve the new kidney in the bargain. We will let you know the committee’s decision when we find out.

So that’s it for February! If you have any news you’d like to add, please contact me at See you in March!

The End of Basketball Season

There weren’t many practices in February. We were snowed in from some, and Esteban was sick for one. Esteban’s team had their last home game this month, and he scored 12 of his team’s 16 points. The team had  a two day state meet in Mt Pleasant shortly after that game. All the Kalamazoo homeschool basketball teams went to the meet, and Esteban stayed with his friends and their grandparents for the weekend. The boys fought hard and lost their first game 17-20. They didn’t come as close in their consolation game, the next day. Esteban is now preparing to train for next season.

Alphabet Praise

For an explanation of Alphabet Praise, click here.


Father, You are alright.

You shine bright.

Your Son is Christ.

Your creation delights!

Everything that should cause fright

is the idea of losing You.

Gird our loins,

help us fight

iniquity and sin, 

may justice prevail!

May we kill licentiousness

by the power of Your might.

May Your light defeat the endless night

Overflow us with purity, 

quell our fears, make us right

May we be beautiful in Thy sight

May we hold Christ very tight

Until we view our robes of white

extending past yonder zephyrs

The Project

I have struggled with poor organization and housekeeping skills forever. By my birthday, enough was enough. It was time to finally face my problems and gain control of the house. Starting on my birthday, we were getting the house clean and orderly, and that was our top priority. We quickly reached the limits of our trash removal system. Our washing machine started acting up. But we also found a bunch of lost treasures. And I finally started recording a place for everything, instead of trying to keep it in my head, or arranging it on the fly. It has been emotional for me. But the overwhelming feeling? Relief.

Morning Time in February

 More snow this month meant more morning time. Imani recorded more chords and singing on our hymn at the beginning of the month. By the end of the month, we did a streamlined version of morning time, just praying and reading C. S. Lewis’s Prince Caspian. I started ranking the narrations by the end of the month, and this did get the kids to pay more attention to the story. Prince Caspian starts slow, but it is picking up steam now.