Alphabet Praise


Father, I am in awe

of You

Before the early morning caw

til the last breath I draw

I want to spend eternity

with You. 

Free me from the burden of sin.

May Your grace

admit me into heaven

Your immutable justice is perfect. 

Your kindness is loving.

May Your never-ending goodness

overflow my soul.

Purify my heart.

Quell my fears.

May Your righteous 

salvation take us

to Your vast eternity.

We worship You, Father.

Express Your zeal!

Happy Reunion

Tracey and I hadn’t seen each other since the wedding. That will be 28 years in July. She lives in California, but visits her elderly parents in Detroit often, so she planned a trip to Kalamazoo this time. It was good catching up with Tracey, who spent most of the day with me. She accompanied Esteban and me to basketball camp after she had picked me up from dialysis and we had lunch together. Between our shared medical problems, and Tracey’s medical experience, it was comforting to have conversations about organ transplants, and how to live your live in the specter of serious illness. I valued our friendship in college. I value it even more now. 

Peep the geraniums from Imani’s birthday


Joy and I toured Hillsdale college with our friends the Furtaws. Joy and Kate have been in class together since 7th grade, and Cori will be their challenge 4 tutor next year. This college is tucked away in the farmland of southern Michigan, east of us. While its students and  alumni complain of its location, I thought it was peaceful and charming. Joy is not sure what she wants to do after she graduates. She’s not sure of what she would study if she went to college. She is glad to have the free backpack she got from the tour, and would maybe even welcome another tour, during the fall. She’s not ready to decide on college just yet.

Medical Update

In my quest to make the kidney transplant list, I had a stress-test for my heart. This was a fasting, early morning appointment in Ann Arbor, 2 hours from our home. It all went smoothly, and the results would be revealed later. This appointment was followed by an oncology appointment, where I had 20 vials of blood drawn, trying to determine my fitness for a transplant. All is well on the oncology front. More details to come…