Weathering the Weather

I forgot to talk about weather in May. May was very wet. In fact, it was more what you’d expect in April. We had May showers this year, following the late April snow showers. Our blueberry bush, which usually doesn’t do much, except shrivel up and turn red early because of the heat, bloomed and started growing actual berries. So it likes the rain! But the lilacs didn’t bloom at all. They got no direct sun, and very little indirect sun, because of all the rain. The weather finally turned a corner in June. It actually got warm, even hot! But the rain continued. One day it rained so hard that parts of the city flooded. Imani was at Worship Arts camp and it took nearly an hour to pick her up, trying to find a route to the building that wasn’t flooded out! The Western Michigan University football stadium looked like a dirty swimming pool, it was so flooded! 

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