Esteban + Basketball

Esteban has been working on his game for years. If he’s in a gym, he’s dribbling and shooting. If he’s at a friend’s house, he’s playing pick-up games. And he has flair.

So it might surprise you to know that he wasn’t sure he wanted to actually play basketball. He’s also pretty good at soccer, and that’s what he focused on the last few years.

But he went to a regional basketball meet with his friends last year, and was solidly bitten by the basketball bug. He went to training camp in the summer, and soon found himself on a team.

Esteban took advantage of his new 6 foot height and size and dribbled to the hoop and put in several flashy lay-ups throughout January. He was also dropping some 3 point shots. He should have an exciting career ahead of him in high school basketball.

New Years Day


We love to celebrate in our household. New Years Eve is always such a fun night, that I often forget about New Years Day.

Yet it comes every year, and I make the same sort of feast every year. This year, we returned to fried pork chops, like my mother used to make, hopping john,

collard greens, angel biscuits, mac and cheese, and
pineapple coconut chess pie. Since Joy has been
working in a bakery (see Rykses story), I put her in
charge of pies. She cheerfully assembled the fiddly
chess pie. Mani is my go to fryer, so I asked her to
make the pork chops. She also specializes in mac and
cheese, so she volunteered to prepare that. I made
the angel biscuits, hopping john and greens. Blackeyed peas are a non-negotiable for New Years Day, even though I make a huge pan that almost nobody eats. But the idea of good luck and a prosperous new year are too hard to pass on, so we must have pork, black eyed peas, and greens, right? Most years we do chicken or even catfish instead of pork. So maybe pork will do the trick. What are your New Years traditions?