The Project

I have struggled with poor organization and housekeeping skills forever. By my birthday, enough was enough. It was time to finally face my problems and gain control of the house. Starting on my birthday, we were getting the house clean and orderly, and that was our top priority. We quickly reached the limits of our trash removal system. Our washing machine started acting up. But we also found a bunch of lost treasures. And I finally started recording a place for everything, instead of trying to keep it in my head, or arranging it on the fly. It has been emotional for me. But the overwhelming feeling? Relief.

Morning Time in February

 More snow this month meant more morning time. Imani recorded more chords and singing on our hymn at the beginning of the month. By the end of the month, we did a streamlined version of morning time, just praying and reading C. S. Lewis’s Prince Caspian. I started ranking the narrations by the end of the month, and this did get the kids to pay more attention to the story. Prince Caspian starts slow, but it is picking up steam now. 

Imani Shoots a Video

(Not to be confused with the children’s youtube channel).

Imani has been busy at Worship Arts. She made a chapel worship team, where she invited friends who don’t currently do worship arts to come and play and see what it’s like. At least one of them is sure to return next season! She’s done some travel worship events, including accompanying her leader to lead worship at a Sunday service. 

She also recently recorded a music video. Imani is the lead singer in the video, singing a song called Sinking Deep. The video was released on Facebook. Video production is another field they are preparing children for in Worship Arts. We are thrilled with this program! Imani was asked to do the video the day before they shot it. She learned the song the day of shooting.

The Cars

We were down to one car for most of January and February. But Curtis and Xay were diligently working on the cars. It was bitterly cold, but they kept the garage warm with a kerosene heater. Xay was able to get his car running even after the shop told him they couldn’t. It was such a relief to have two cars again. Curtis got the Mercedes running and then the fan flew to bits, narrowly missing denting the hood!  So it  still needs a little work. 

The Accord, the one car we’ve depended on this winter, had a few issues with the heat. Curtis took an afternoon to flush the radiator, and now it’s purring like a kitten. Two down, two to go…

More Snow + Sledding!

February began as January ended, and we were blanketed and snowed in again. One big difference, thank goodness, was in the temperature. It never dipped into the single digits and below again. This meant that it was warm enough for sledding! Chanya and I walked to our neighborhood sledding hill, a 1.2 mile walk, mostly downhill. We like to sled on this hill at a middle school. When we drive, we could either park in the parking lot, and trudge through a large snowy field, or park at the bottom of the hill and walk up it. We prefer parking at the bottom of the hill, but the man who lives next door to the school really discourages this. Since we were walking, we just avoided his yard and were ok. We had a new sled and I couldn’t remember where I’d bought it. Now I remember that I got it at MC Sporting Goods, right before they went out of business. The snow was deep and the school was deserted. Chanya and I had invited her friend Gracie to join us. Usually when we go sledding, there are lots of other people there, blazing trails down the hill, etc. This day, it was just Chanya and me for a while. A few years ago I’d made sure everyone had enough gear to go sledding together, so we were bundled

up properly. Last year I thought my sledding days were over. But the snow was so deep that the sled moved slowly and surely down the hill. I thought I could handle a ride down the hill. Our old sled dumped you out on the way down the hill, or veered in some crazy turn at the foot of the hill. This sled moved straight, and slow. The ride was smooth. I went down again. Then I was out of breath and decided to watch. For every picture or video I took, my hand was freezing. 

Another family came and sledded briefly, then Gracie came. Chanya and Gracie were up and down the hill over and over. They took turns carrying the sled, and I stood up and watched them for a half hour. (It’s too cold to sit in the snow, even in snow pants!) When Gracie’s mom Denise came to pick her up, I asked for a ride home. It was a nice cold jolt to the system to go sledding. Hopefully we’ll get out there again before the season’s over.