Horizon Night

Worship Arts has two worship events per season. Horizon is the first one. The children are gone all day, starting off with a big photo shoot, where student photographers capture all the high school students in the frigid spring air. Joy and Esteban played in a worship team this season. Their team, Alethia, was the team Imani played in last year at Worship Arts. Esteban lead 2 songs, and Joy was cheerfully ensconced in the drum cage. Imani’s worship band, Dunamis, played the last set, Imani leading 2 songs. All three children stood on stage in Voices, the Worship Arts choir. Among them, they represent soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. It’s fun to listen to them lead worship.

Rumor Mill

Rumor has it that Katie won Act-So. This is the NAACP’s academic olympics. We are so proud of her. Her next step is the National competition, this summer in Detroit. Katie sang “I Know Where I’ve Been,” from Hairspray. She slayed in her elegant black dress while she displayed her brilliant vocal range.

Katie received a $5000 scholarship from Olivet College. She is looking into a $12,000 scholarship, which is granted for admission into the school. 

Allstate Honors Choir: Katie’s choir had three days of rehearsal. On the third day, they had an all-honor’s music performance. They sang 7 songs, Katie lead on one of them. In the music youth arts festival, they want the top musical kids in the state to get together and do a concert. 

Morning Time in April

During April, I started reading fairy tales to the children. Though I’d read them to the older children at bedtime  during the past, Chany didn’t know any fairy tales. We have a large volume of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and another of Hans Christian Anderson stories, but I couldn’t put my hands on the Grimm’s book. Fortunately, I recently got a book called Tales of Wonder. This book contains fairytales and includes discussion questions. The children found the discussions cringe-worthy and sometimes misplaced, but I did appreciate the discussion the book generated. Meanwhile, we worked on the melody for the psalm, and read the Amon book and we finished Prince Caspian. Next, we started reading The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. It is comforting to be reading through Narnia again.


We usually end the CC year for a program, called a Showcase, to show the dads, grandparents, and other family members and friends what we’ve been working on all year. Each foundations class presents a couple of the memory work facts, and the Challenge classes give speeches and demonstrate how well they remember how to map the world. Last year, Imani sang a song she’d written. But this year, our campus voted to forgo the showcase and have a family potluck. Imani has been doing a slideshow for our campus for the last 3 years, and she did one this year as well, though she’s a graduate. It’s nice to have allies in the media. Chanya must’ve been in every other picture of the slideshow! And Joy and Esteban were also well represented. This was a bittersweet year. Our beloved director, Dana is transferring to another campus, after she’d established CC in our area, and been our director for 6 years. We will be moving to a bigger, nicer church next year, with a new director, Melissa. 

Faces of History

In addition to Foundations, which is where we worked on memory work, Chanya was involved with Essentials.  This is an English grammar program, where the children learn to diagram sentences, memorize grammar charts, and work on spelling. They also do a writing program from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. She’s been writing papers and learning new vocabulary words all year. The Essentials year ends with a research project called Faces of History. The children choose a historical character, real or fictional, and study them with a number of sources, and write a three paragraph paper plus an introduction, conclusion, and bibliography. Then they dress as their character and present a speech based on their paper, and invite the audience to guess who they are. Many of the children choose dramatically dressed Egyptians during cycle 1. We had a chance to sign up early for our historical figures this year, and I immediately picked Nephertiti. But Chanya preferred to portray a Biblical person, and she asked if she could be the character from whom we chose her middle name. During the Faces of History program, another little girl told Chanya’s story from her character’s point of view. They both included the quote: “Your people shall be my people. Your God shall be my God.” The other girl had said that. Chanya’s daughter in law had said that. Who was she?