Read Aloud Revival Challenge

January is the month of the read aloud revival read aloud challenge. We tried it last year, but I didn’t have the energy to do the rewards. You see, this is a serious challenge. If your children commit to reading aloud for 10 minutes a day for at least 25 days in January, magical things are supposed to happen. And there are incentives. I signed up for the challenge, and then printed out a page of rewards. I decided that if a child read aloud for five days, then they could draw a reward every day they read after that. Chanya’s favorite reward was the surprise outing. I took her to Art Bayou, a ceramics store where you pick out a dish and paint it with glaze.Inaweek,youpickitupandit’saoneofa kind dish. We were buoyant for days after this


Chanya and Esteban were the two children who participated this year. Chanya managed to read aloud for 24 days (!), and Esteban read for considerably fewer days. It didn’t work magic, per se, but Chanya chooses to read more often now. She never really liked reading before. Esteban is able to read aloud with more fluency, so that’s a good thing. Quiet as it’s kept, I remember that Imani and Joy became more animated readers when I insisted they participate last year. I was still tired and not feeling well much of the time last January, and I asked the girls to do the reading aloud during

morning time. Joy even used different voices for the characters in The Hobbit at the time. I almost didn’t resume reading aloud…

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