CC Practicum

Though Kalamazoo schools run through June, and homeschool co-ops  til May, CC ends in April.

That is because CC throws parent practicums throughout the summer. A practicum is a 3-day teacher training program. It’s free for parents, and children can sign up for classes and nursery during that time. There are book representatives and copies of everything you need to be successful at CC. The practicums give teaching techniques, but mostly teach you how to think about classical education. The theme last year connected English grammar and Latin. It inspired me to study Latin this year, so I could help my high school children with their Latin this year. This year’s theme was math. It’s hard to think how math fits in with the classical method. This practicum gave us better ways to think about math. The afternoon sessions have tutor training classes.

I took the challenge 4 class, as I had considered becoming a challenge 4 tutor before I got sick, and I was asked to be a licensed challenge 4 substitute tutor. The training was such a social, encouraging experience. We spent the three days working through the same scripture passage, and each tutor had the responsibility to teach a strain (they are called subjects in traditional education, but strains in classical education, because they are all connected, not separate or individual). I put my year of studying  Latin into practice and led the Latin discussion. We translated a passage from the Latin vulgate. (This is the Latin translation of the Bible). It translated into: Jesus said, “I am the Way, the truth and the light…” What a rich discussion!  

Chanya was a camper in a math section at this camp. They got to work with calculators and spend all day with their CC friends. Esteban and Joy were student volunteers, helping the teachers in the children’s classes. Joy helped with the youngest children in play camp. She spent a bit of her time carrying around little cuties who missed their mommies.

Esteban worked in geo-draw, a preschool-early elementary group that worked on drawing maps. The little girls couldn’t keep out of his hair, and his patience was endless. Esteban ended up helping in another practicum the following week. 

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