Chanya’s Birthday

Chanya’s birthday was March 23rd, a Saturday this year.

Since she had a party last year, Chanya had a mani/pedi at a nail spa with two of her close friends to celebrate turning 11. I invited the  moms, too, and one took me up on it. Once everyone was situated in their massage chairs with their feet submerged in hot water, it was silent. The three girls were collectively gasping, they were so excited about their outing. This was the first time for both of Chanya’s friends to visit the spa. Chanya was an old hand at it, since I used to take her when I went regularly. Before struck silent, the girls had much to say, consulting with each other over the large selection of nail colors to chose among. It was also the mom’s first time to the salon, and she looked as excited as her daughter. Chanya chose different colors for her fingers and toes, choosing a mermaid blue/green for her toes, and a sparkly purple for her fingers. Last minute, the nail tech asked her if she  wanted her ring fingers done in silver, and she said, “sure,” and ended up  loving the color combination. Chanya’s friend Ava chose silver for her toes and  pink for her fingers.

“I hope you like your butter,” Imani told Chanya.

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