Alphabet Praise

I couldn’t turn down a Bible study. Especially one that took place while I waited for the children to finishAWANA, their weekly Bible memorization program,. (AWANA stands for “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed”). The Bible study was about praise. We went through a wonderful devotional book together, and what I took away from this study was what I call ‘alphabet praise.’ The idea is that you can praise God with words, not just in song. And you can think of a different word for every letter of the alphabet to praise Him. So I use this model for praise. You should try it. It really makes you concentrate on the Lord.

I start out my prayers with this exercise, and I will include one a month here.

This is my favorite for January, though it

was hard to choose. I tried a few metaphors, and

this one is an extended metaphor for the whole

alphabet, and it’s based on music:


Father, You are an accordion with endless beautiful combinations

You are a delightful melody , an excellent harmony

a fresh fugue,
with gorgeous development

a heavenly riffingeniously executed

a joyous chorus on a killer bridge

luscious chords,
music overflowing the page

quarter notes taking the stageripping serious strings

triumphing to the utmost violions warbling,

xylophones pounding, yellow zithers

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