Morning Time

Morning time is a nice ritual to start the day. During our snowpocalypse, we were able to do morning time three days a week—as opposed to our usual one. This means we were able to finish the words to our psalm, (we are writing) a nice metaphor of God and water, and we were able to start putting it to music. The last group music project we’d done was a hymn. We also got a little further in our read aloud, 

Prince Caspian. I like to read one family book, and one CC book aloud to the children. Our current CC book is called Johnny Tremain. I have also added narration to the mix. It sounds simple. I have the children write a

summary of the chapter I have just read. But I found out that some of them are not used to paying attention when I read. This has forced them to attend. I have heard that narration will pay huge dividends down the road. We’ll let you know how this turns out.

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