Kidney Talks

When my kidneys first started shutting down, we hoped it was a temporary situation. But eventually I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure. Above all, I want God to heal me. Now we’re in talks to get me a kidney transplant. Curtis and I drove to Lansing at the crack of dawn one car day in February to an all morning seminar. I look good until you start talking about immuno-suppresants. The nephrologist, or kidney doctor on the transplant team warned that the drug I’d have to take every day after a transplant to keep my body from attacking my new kidney could lower my immunities and invite the cancer to return. I’ve had cancer and I’ve had kidney disease, and let me tell you, cancer is worse! It is, in fact, the cause of my kidney disease. So I was no longer interested in a transplant, after that information. But that’s not the end of the story. My oncologist is confident I could fight any return of the cancer, and preserve the new kidney in the bargain. We will let you know the committee’s decision when we find out.

So that’s it for February! If you have any news you’d like to add, please contact me at See you in March!

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